Air Ambulance

Air ambulance is emergency and urgent assistance in the air. In case of an emergency, we're ready to quickly arrange medical support on an aircraft with a full set of intensive care equipment, accompanied by a qualified team from Germany, Switzerland and Israel.

A crew and a group of doctors are available 24/7, ready for departure and assistance.
Medical helicopters and short-distance or transatlantic aircraft are available to transport immobile passengers who require urgent medical evacuation.

To arrange a flight, please provide us with the following information:

1. Patient's full name, citizenship and passport number.
2. Medical opinion on the patient's condition, signed by the attending physician.
3. Attending physician's name and phone number at the hospital where the patient is located.
4. Attending physician's name and phone number at the medical institution in the city where the patient will be transported.

Please contact us and we'll discuss the possibility of private jet rental for medical evacuation in more detail.